Yasmin Malhotra Lists Biggest Foreign Relations Gaffes of 2012

Foreign-RelationsU.S. Newsrecently published an article listing some of the top foreign policy blunders of 2012. YasminMalhotra notes that 2012 was a big year for foreign affairs, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t room for improvement.

According to an article published in the U.S. News, the world changed greatly in 2012. With political turmoil at home and abroad, it’s little wonder that not everything went according to plan.There were several notable foreign policy gaffes that occurred in the past year. Some were merely embarrassing, and some had dire consequences for the parties involved. Some of the worst foreign policy moments listed in the article are as follows:

  1. Romney’s Overseas Campaign Trip

Romney received a lot of heat for his so-called “trip of gaffes”. He criticized the British efforts at hosting the Olympics. He also proclaimed that Israel was economically healthier than Palestine due to the Jewish culture,andpuzzlingly declared Poland, where unemployment was at 12%, a paragon of “economic liberty”.

2.Julian Assange Granted Sanctuary in Ecuador

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange recently took shelter in the Ecuadorian Embassy while awaiting trial for rape in Sweden. Foreign policy experts like YasminMalhotra often refer to Assange as a sort of “one-man foreign policy wrecking crew”—his work has had resounding consequences in several foreign relations circles.

3.Obama’s “Hot Mic” Incident

President Obama got himself into hot water as a result of a “hot mic”—he didn’t know his microphone was recording when he promised Russian president Medvedev

4.Biden Mistakenly Refers to War in Iran

Rather than referring to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, Biden mistakenly asked an audience to raise their hands if they knew someone serving in Iraq or Iran. The Obama campaign was quick to correct the mistake.

5.North Korean Team, South Korean Flag

Though the Olympics have long tried to remain politically neutral, the events inevitably become a hotbed when innocent mistakes are made. For example, when the North Korean women’s soccer team took the field, the Jumbotron showed the South Korean flag. Though the announcer apologized for the mistake, this angered the North Koreans.

6.Obama Skips Bilateral Meetings

Many were surprised when, during a crucial point in his campaign for reelection, Barack Obama scheduled no bilateral meetings when he visited September’s General Assembly of the United Nations. Republicans were especially critical of this decision after he scheduled an appearance on The Viewinstead.

7.Europe Nominates Itself for the Nobel Peace Prize

It may have not been intended as such, points out YasminMalhotra, but Europe’s nominating itself for the Nobel Peace Prize definitely came off as self-congratulatory. The BBC and the British Prime Minister alike objected to the tone of this move.


YasminMalhotra is a talented writer and dedicated community servant. She has also become something of an authority on international relations and affairs in the course of her studies.

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