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Dennis DeGrazia supports the Pentagon’s Pro-Alternative Energy Investment

The United States Department of Defense invests $6.5 billion in alternative energy and conversation in Hawaii.  Contractor, Dennis DeGrazia agrees that its money well spent, and is proactive choice avoiding more frivolous spending of our nation’s financial future.

Did you know that the United States Military is the largest consumer of oil in the world?  In one year, the military and civilian population in Hawaii has used 12 million barrels of oil for jet fuel.  They’ve used 12 more barrels of oil for ground vehicles and other transportation.  And they’ve used 10.8 million barrels to generate electricity.  In attempt to start cutting back, the Pentagon has confirmed that they will invest $6.5 billion in alternative energy and conservation in Hawaii.  This is also incredible news for Hawaii’s economy as it creates a 16.5 percent increase their workforce.  This makes the U.S. military the second biggest income for Hawaii next to Hawaii tourism.

 Going Green photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Going Green photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Charlie Ota, the Vice President of military affairs for the Hawaii Chambers of Commerce mentioned that the U.S. military is always happy to do business with a state that has a goal for sustainability through the use of clean or renewable energy.  Between Hawaii and the U.S. military, they hope to make the islands a whopping 70 percent clean energy by the year 2030.  The state Department of Energy states that also by the year 2030, Hawaii will be producing up to 600 million gallons of biofuel a year.  This, which Dennis DeGrazia agrees is a fantastic plan for long term plans to eventually become completely self-sufficient.

Aside from the U.S. military’s plan to boost the economy, they’re also attempting to prevent climate change.  The climate change has the potential to be a serious threat in the future, a threat not only to our planet, but American lives.  The Pentagon sees the lack of oil as a bridge to undesirable outcomes such as global conflict and geopolitical instability.

Although this investment that the U.S. military has made in alternative energy upon others is step in the right direction, they’re still behind where they want to be for conserving fuel.  Dennis DeGrazia reminds us the U.S. Department of Defensive is still ranked a negative red on its Scorecard for Energy and Sustainability.  So we can assume that this won’t be the last large investment that the military makes in alternative energy.

Dennis DeGrazia is a real estate and construction professional. He brings an environmentally conscious mindset to his work.

Dennis DeGrazia supports the Pentagon’s Pro-Alternative Energy Investment by
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Posted: Thu, Jan 31st, 2013

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