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Stag Energy Services – 5 Tips to Lower your Gas Bill


Opening your gas bill in the Winter is a pretty difficult thing to do. The cost of both oil and gas, when used inefficiently, can take a serious toll on your bank account. Fortunately, Stag Energy Services has provided these 5 simple tips to help you save money.


  Stag Energy photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Stag Energy photo courtesy of Shutterstock

1)    Keep water usage low. We don’t realize how much we depend on the use of water especially hot water. If you’re using too much hot water, your gas heat could be running out too quickly.  First, be sure to lower the temperature of your water heater to 120 Fahrenheit. Also be sure to combine wash loads and wash clothes in cold or luke-warm water. Only run the dishwasher when it is completely full. Air or towel drying dishes also saves on energy.  And when it comes to personal water use, quick warm showers save hundreds of gallons of water when compared to baths.


2)    Check your thermostat. It’s easy to forget your thermostat settings, but keeping an eye on things could save you hundreds of dollars each year. A good practice is to set the temp to 68 degrees Fahrenheit while you are at home, and to lower the temperature when you plan on being away for a while, or while you’re at work.


3)    Eliminate drafts.  Often times it’s the things that we don’t see that end up costing us. Check your home for drafts in corners, cracks in the floor, and even inside kitchen cabinets and doors. Weather proofing your house with caulk and other sealants ensures that cold air doesn’t get in, and that heat doesn’t get out. It’s also a good idea to hang thick curtains or drapes that you can close when the weather is cold, or open on a warm day. Windows often lower or add to the overall temperature in a room.


4)    Don’t cook your goose. If possible, try to do most of your cooking or reheating by using electricity, such as a microwave or toaster oven. When building a home or moving to a new apartment, check out options for electric stove tops to cut down on gas use.


5)    Clean your furnace. If you don’t have a clean furnace, you’re probably wasting energy. Make sure to replace your furnace every 15-20 years or when it begins to  run poorly. An inefficient furnace can cause heat to escape from vents and chimneys.




Stag Energy Services provides advanced technology for natural gas procurement.



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Posted: Fri, Feb 1st, 2013

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