Companies Now Using Professional HR Says HR Comp

A recent survey of companies shows that more and more firms than ever before are opting to outsource their human resources duties to professional companies. HR Comp knows the benefits of this option.

Professional Employer Organizations, or PEOs, are starting to grow and now handle the more routine tasks that can detract from a company’s productivity.

HR Comp says that states like Florida are starting to see their employment numbers boom from the amount of people being hired to staff PEOs. That state alone has about 900,000 people employed by various PEO companies. If 8.6 million people are employed in Florida, that means PEOs account for 10% of the total workforce. Florida isn’t the only state starting to see a growth in those numbers, either. Ohio has started to see a boom in PEO companies. One company in Cleveland now has 50,000 people under their employ for various businesses all over the state.

Ohio’s PEO companies have started a recent practice among their clients. Instead of operating everything from central and satellite offices, PEOs are starting to contract out their employees to work on location with client companies. HR Comp notes that this helps with interaction between companies when a phone call or email just won’t do.

There are quite a few benefits of exporting human resources duties to PEO companies. With changing healthcare regulations and added stipulations to insurance packages, many companies don’t have the time to figure out the changing conditions. Compound that with payroll duties, hiring and other regular human resource responsibilities, and there are plenty of reasons why many companies are opting for PEOs.

There are some cautionary sides to the benefits, though. Some states are starting to pass legislation to tighten regulations on PEOs financially. It is solidifying the legitimacy of the industry as a whole and also showing that companies are saving money by outsourcing their human resources departments to PEO companies. The future is looking bright for PEOs, and the numbers in many states are starting to reflect this.


HR Comp is a full-service professional employer organization based in eastern Tennessee. They help to take care of the daily minutiae that can slow down a company’s productivity, and can also help to improve the cost effectiveness of a company’s HR.

Companies Now Using Professional HR Says HR Comp by
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Posted: Fri, Mar 8th, 2013

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