Ricky Sinclair pleased “Bachelor” Sean Lowe is self-described “Born Again Virgin”

Sinclair notes that Lowe staying true to family and marriage values by not taking part in show’s previous sexual activities

The Bachelor’s 2013 season features bachelor Sean Lowe, a self-described “born again virgin,” and “genuinely nice guy” as noted by AmericanThinker.com.  But is that enough to keep television audiences interested as AmericanThinker.com goes on to say “producers seem to fear that will make the show boring.”

Lowe is causing controversy in the 17th season of The Bachelor in that he does not take part in the sexual activities which have been part of the show’s agenda presented in the past.

And Ricky Sinclair, Founder and Pastor of Miracle Place Church in Baker, Louisiana, is pleased Lowe is staying true to his beliefs and values.

According to AmericanThinker.com, Lowe expressed that he was “very open about wanting to find a wife and start a family.”

“Family is what really matters,” states Sinclair.  Sinclair, and the rest of the congregation at Miracle Place Church, is dedicated to the strengthening of the family unit. They believe that family is one of the most important things in life, and the catalyst for spiritual growth.

Bachelor Lowe, who proclaims “I love Jesus” on his Twitter profile (@SeanLowe09), has stated “marriage is for life” and wants “a house that’s full of love and laughter” as reported by AmericanThinker.com.

AmericanThinker.com furthered that “there was palpable excitement [by the 26 women vying for to be Lowe’s] about meeting a bachelor who is also a nice man with good intentions.”

The AmericanThinker.com piece goes on to present three specific topics in relation: today’s culture needs strong advocates for love and marriage; today’s culture needs male role models; and today’s young women need “righteous” men.

Ricky Sinclair, Founder and Pastor at Miracle Place Church located in Baker, LA, and his wife Jeannie share the ministry pulpit in a unique way that Jesus has given to them. Their heart is to see people experience the life changing transformation that took place in them when Jesus saved their souls. “God is faithful and people are precious to Him. Even despite all of our short comings, He still believes in us and is counting on us. Jesus is worthy of our praise and the devotion of our lives. He’ll give you purpose, direction and honor. There is a place for you at the table with God.” 

Ricky Sinclair pleased “Bachelor” Sean Lowe is self-described “Born Again Virgin” by
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Posted: Thu, Mar 21st, 2013

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