Daniel Craig Signs On For Two More Bond Films

After “Skyfall,” everyone was certain that we had seen the last of actor Daniel Craig playing the role of James Bond. The internet even exploded with questions of “who would be the next Bond?” as we explored options from Idris Elba of “The Wire” to Christian Bale of “The Dark Knight.” Craig himself had implied that he wanted to explore other roles, and “Skyfall” appeared to close out the trilogy of the Craig-Bond era. Even the latest plot harped on Bond’s “old age” and how maybe it’d be best if he just retired.

However, Sam Mendes’ “Skyfall” made a towering 1.1 billion dollars in box office earnings, and the studio began to reconsider Bond’s retirement. And apparently Daniel Craig did as well, as it has been recently reported that he signed on to do two more installments of the Bond franchise for MGM studios. The Director, Mendes, will not be signing back on for either of the films, but Mendes says that there’s no bad blood. The studio agrees, and claims that it was an honor to work with someone so talented on “Skyfall.” Mendes has noted that he’s preoccupied and working on several upcoming theater projects, and to keep an eye out for them when they hit the stage. But not to worry, Bond fans! Very rarely is the same director signed on for more than one Bond film. In fact, Craig has already worked with two different directors before Mendes (Martin Campbell for “Casino Royale” and Marc Forster for “Quantum of Solace”).

So when can we expect the next Bond movie? Representatives from MGM said they expect to release the first of the next two films in the next three years. Also during a conference call with investors, MGM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer reported that the studio was currently developing the screenplay for the 24th installment of the Bond franchise. They said that once they got close to finishing the screenplay they’d start considering various directors for the job. Also, aside from Craig, there are no additional details about the cast of the film. This is also frustrating for bond fans because the plot of “Skyfall” introduced so many new MI6 agents, and killed off one of our old favorites. However, MGM said more details on the new film will be released soon, so sit tight Bond fans!

Daniel Craig Signs On For Two More Bond Films by
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Posted: Tue, Mar 26th, 2013

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