Meep! Store Loaded with Kid-Approved Programs for Meep! Tablet

childrenusingmeep-meep-dictatedThe Meep! Store, where kids go to download games for their Meep! Tablet, is known for its products that are focused on children, as their technology and options are geared towards the specific age group. However, Meep! tablets are the perfect solution for children getting introduced to the Internet but are still too young to fully handle the responsibility of an adult tablet.

An Android-based tablet, the Meep! tablet is specially designed for children ages 6 through 11. Considered the child-friendly version, this tablet was built to be geared towards children. It has a stronger and sturdier design, making it the perfect solution for accident-prone children.

As opposed to other types of tablets, the Meep! tablet uses light technology instead of heat. This cancels out any annoyances when the child is handling the device, since it is easier to operate due to the smaller design for the small hands of a child.

Meep! Tablet also offers a kind of adult supervision, even when the parent can’t monitor the child’s every Meep! move. With other tablets and phones, children can have complete admittance to the Internet with no type of boundaries or limitations. It’s difficult to try to monitor what the child is doing and most of the time, the content has already been seen before the parent can stop it. The Meep! Tablet permits children to enjoy their beloved books and games downloaded from the Meep! store, eliminating the risk of discovering undesirable or negative Internet content.

It also has filters put into place in order to block out certain material. Therefore, the child can still enjoy sites such as YouTube or general browsing as Meep! gets rid of any inappropriate or offensive material. The parent can also set up for alerts to be received if the child gets a “friend request” or various other types of invitations.

As various other types of tablets do not come with applications, every single Meep! Tablet comes with 50 applications, allowing the child to have fun and use the tablet as soon as it arrives. The Meep! store offers countless books, applications and games online.

Though general tablets have the ability for accessories such as headphones or various other common fixtures, the Meep! has much more to offer, including a steering wheel, microphone, drum pads, a keyboard that rolls up, a joystick, and a dual gamer case. These accessories expose the child to numerous games that can be played by themselves or with other individuals, safely.

While other tablets may seem more fitting for adults, the Meep! Tablet with access to the Meep Store online is the best way to ensure a child’s safety on the Internet while enjoying all the benefits of a tablet.


The Meep Tablet includes the Meep! Store, and enables children to enjoy a safe and secure Internet atmosphere. As they continually guide parents in the right direction in terms of their children using the Internet, the Meep! Tablet makes for easy usage. 

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Posted: Tue, May 14th, 2013
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