College Works Painting on Color and Curb Appeal

housepaint-collegeworkspainting-purpleCollege Works Painting is a professional home painting service provider that serves 10,000 houses each year. The team at College Works knows just how important a fresh coat of paint is to a home, especially when the owner of that property is looking to put their residence up for sale. Now they are issuing comment on a new article that further emphasizes this point.

Linda Lee, who is the president of the Greater San Diego Association of Realtors, explains that a fresh coat of paint is one of a homeowner’s most powerful tools when it comes to getting their residence to sell quickly. Paint is relatively inexpensive, but can quickly take a home’s look from faded to fresh. Whether an individual is looking to paint the interior or the exterior of the home, a fresh coat helps to brighten the space up, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

The team at College Works Painting comments, “It truly is amazing how much of a difference a coat of paint can make. For those who don’t have thousands of dollars available to add on new rooms or to renovate the kitchen, a coat of paint is the wisest choice. Whether the person decides to change the color of their home or rooms inside the property, or is simply looking to freshen up the pre-existing shade, a paint job is relatively inexpensive, can be done quickly, and makes a powerful impact for years to come. A fresh coat of paint helps to clean up the look of the space, making it much easier for the home to sell.”

For those who feel uncertain about where to begin their painting efforts, the most frequently used rooms in the house are usually the best place to start. This includes the kitchen, living room, and master bathroom. When it comes to choosing a color, the homeowner should pick a shade that is appealing and not alienating. When a person plans to stay in a space for years, it is perfectly acceptable to select bright yellow or orange for a bathroom or kitchen. However, when it comes to selling a home quickly, more neutral shades are the best bet.

The team at College Works Painting comments on this saying, “It’s great to experiment with colors and show personality through bright shades, however a person looking to sell their house must keep in mind that soon this property will not be theirs. Buyers are very visual people and need to have the ability to picture themselves in a space. If they wander through the home and can only see signs of the current owner’s personality, they may feel uncomfortable moving in. A neutral palate helps to intrigue a potential buyer and allows this individual to picture their life in this space.”

Most people are naturally drawn to neutral tones. While accent walls are a popular trend that many individuals enjoy, it is best to avoid these touches when the house is up for sale. Lee also recommends avoiding intricate patterns or dark shades. Lighter colors make the room feel bigger, and complex designs can cause an awkward feel in the space. Simple paint jobs are enough to improve the look of the home. A person does not need to worry about adding complicated borders or other touches. A fresh, appealing coat of paint is enough to catch a buyer’s attention.

Exterior painting is another part of getting a home ready to sell. When a person is trying to get their house to sell quickly, neutral shades are almost always a safe bet. Bright tones are appropriate in tropical areas, and warm copper and red tones work well in the Southwest, but earth tones are universally appealing to buyers.

The staff at College Works states, “Though they may feel less adventurous, earth tones are not polarizing, which is important when it comes time to sell a home. The place needs personality, but too much personality can quickly become off-putting to an interested buyer.” The team at College Works Painting advises those looking to sell their homes to give their property as much mass appeal as possible.

College Works Painting serves over 10,000 clients each year. The group’s popularity comes from its high-quality results and affordable price. College Works employs over 2,000 students annually, giving these young professionals the chance to gain real-world work experience while earning money. In a competitive job market, this background is nearly as important as a college degree. The experience with College Works helps these young people to get ahead. College Works Painting has earned a 97 percent satisfaction rating, and has become known for its impeccable customer care policies. The business is fully licensed and insured. The company’s employees go through an extensive training process, which ensures that they will deliver perfect results each time they provide painting services.

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