Amy’s Baking Company: Still in Business

amysbakingcompanyBack in May, the owners of Amy’s Baking Company shocked television audiences with their narcissistic behavior and shockingly poor treatment of employees and customers. The owners of the restaurant were so stubborn and mean that even Gordon Ramsey, who has made a name for himself whipping restaurant owners into shape, walked out on them in the middle of taping an episode of “Kitchen Nightmares.” After the episode aired, things went crazy, with people criticizing Amy and Sami online. The restaurant even closed temporarily.

But it seems that the company is back in business. It also seems as though the two have learned nothing from the roller coaster ride that has been the last two months. One of the major complaints employees and people who watched “Kitchen Nightmares” had about the restaurant was that the owner Sami felt that he could take the tips from his servers, violating federal law.

It turns out that tip-stealing is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the rules in place at the bakery and restaurant. Given that the two have hired and fired more than 100 people and seem to take delight in giving employees the boot, it’s surprising that anyone still considers applying to work there. A few of the business’ rules, which were first published by Radar Online, include:

- “Any Kind of Attitude Will Result in Immediate Termination.” There’s not definition of what attitude is, though perhaps questioning what they mean by attitude might be enough to get a person fired.

- “…No family or friends can come to see you while you are working.” What if a person’s friend wants a crummy pizza, though?

- “No purses or bags are allowed inside ABC, (exceptions may be made) however upon leaving a designated employee of ABC has the legal right and consent to inspect any and all packages that you may have brought with you.” This rule is slightly nonsensical. If people can’t bring purses to the restaurant, how can an employee check their bags when leaving? Under what conditions might an exception be made?

- No talking during a shift, unless it’s part of the job. You’re not at work to make friends or be social, obviously.

- “Holidays and Weekends are Mandatory, by signing this contract you are accepting that you will be required to work all Holidays, and Weekends. Due to the nature of our Industry this is a necessity and any No-Show will be monetarily penalized with a fee of $250.00.” This rule might cause the majority of people to cut their losses and not take the job at all. If a server works there and earns $8 per hour she’ll have to work nearly a full 40-hour week just to pay the fine not to work on a holiday.

The contract also might have one of the only do-not-compete clauses found in the restaurant industry. If an employee agrees to work there, she also agrees not to take another job within 50 miles of the establishment for the duration of a year. It seems as though the owners of Amy’s Baking Company need to take the time to familiarize themselves with US labor laws.

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Posted: Fri, Jul 12th, 2013
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